Thursday, May 6, 2010


In the past few days I have found a few pictures that really stopped my day and made me think. Unfortunately I can't find the first one I wanted to share. It was in the news links on but Web must have already taken it down. The picture showed a pair of hands that had been battered by gymnastics. I complain about rips and blisters all the time but as soon as this picture loaded all I could do was say, "Wow". It represented so much dedication and hardship.

The second is a series of pictures that Mel linked on Twitter. It's a photo journal of a woman's fight against breast cancer.

(Regrave) <--- The whole story can be viewed there.

The third picture is more fun! I have printed this out and it is now in my workout log and on my vision board! I love it!

"The pain ends but the beauty remains" -Renoir


  1. Lory, love the 3rd picture!!! So inspired me that I will steal and place on my blog and add to my vision board, hope you don't mind :-) We miss you in Crystal's Mon/Wed/Th 6:45 :-( Heard you're spending time over at SciFit :-) Please blog and keep us posted on what your doing over there, inquiring minds would love to know :-)

  2. Great pic girl...makes me wanna go GRRRR!