Monday, March 8, 2010

I've got goals, yo

In April I really want to get into Coach Zach's olympic lifting seminar because I need to really understand the technique for these lifts we're using in crossfit. After learning more about them I should be able to PR more/lift heavy shit. Right now I feel like I have the strength but I don't have the right technique so I'm a big mess at the gym. So we're going to wait until April to set some good numbers for goals in the future.

But until then I am setting out to achieve:
1.) sub-3 min 800 m run
2.) 1 handstand push up
3.) 1 ring dip
4.) double unders back to back

The problem with those 4 goals is that those are movements that I like (well, double unders not so much). I love the gymnastics part of crossfit. I should be working on things that I hate... So if you see me around the gym and I'm not working on handstands you should yell at me to do some burpees! ha ha