Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh dear, Angie

Here's a secret: I like Angie!

100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats
My time: 18:18

I like Angie because it's straight forward body resistance. The WOD isn't really about the fastest, strongest lifter (at least to me). It's about getting it done. So I can't stare down at a 65# barbell and will it to feel lighter with Angie, I just have to keep my body moving and shake it out every once in awhile. I'm really looking forward to the day that I can do 100 pull ups without the rubber band. Talk about exciting!

Here's another exciting development:
Jess, Linds and I are going to do John's 30 Day Challenge. This is involves food logging, trigger point, heavy lifting and being held responsible for the stupid food choices that I tend to make. By the end of it I really want to be able to do a kipping pull up on my own and a bunch of pushups on my toes, chest to ground. Then I'll go take over the world with my SICFIT bod. Ha!

I'm loving this right now:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Aaron's Encouragement

I was just told my co-worker Aaron about the rut that I feel like I'm in and his response was:

"You know what the best thing about life is? You can start over. Every minute is a new beginning. This next minute could be the start of something brand new."

That made me feel a lot better and I want to remember it when I feel like this again! I don't have to wait for a Monday, or the 1st of a month because I can change what I'm doing from one minute or one second to the next.

That also brings to mind this quote from a Green Day song: "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

I'm wearing the Cranky Pants

Workout Log:

400m Run
50 squats
My time: 15:20

Handstand Push-ups
Deadlifts (Elite weight 155#, I did 115#)
My time: 8:49 (?)

I've been cranky lately because I haven't been eating well. In the past 3 months I've learned that when I don't eat well a lot of negative things spin out from that - getting frustrated during WODs, low energy, poor emotions, lack of motivation, the list goes on and on. So, why don't I eat well all of the time when I know this happens to me when I don't? Because I get sick of all the comments at work about my eating habits, because sometimes I'm hanging out with people that eat "bad" food and I think if they can have it, I can too. I know it doesn't work this way and I know I'm better off without the cake and cookies and bread and junk but sometimes I just don't feel like being strong to resist all of it. Gahhhh! Frustration.

So I'm wearing the cranky pants until I kick my butt into gear and decide that I really want to be the fastest, strongest, and fittest that I can be!

Linds, Katie, Jess and I are looking into doing JDP's 30 Challenge. This would involve extra workouts and mega dialed in nutrition for the month of October. I know we can do it but we're still figuring out the logistics of money and time. This challenge would force me into the consistency that I've been lacking lately! Hopefully we can do it but if not, I should start a challenge of my own. Paleo/zone for 30 days!

I like this from Travis's blog:

"On the surface, the deadlift seems simple, right? "Stand up with the weight". But now that we have reviewed all of the lift's underlying complexities, I challenge you to make a comparison between the deadlift and your life. This may be a stretch for some of you to comprehend, but for those of you that live CrossFit like I do, you know what I am getting at. Life is uncertain and, at times, uncomfortable. But the desire to complete the task at hand must outweigh the feelings of doubt and discomfort."

Now I just need to get uncomfortable!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Hour tonight!

I am counting down the minutes to leave work and meet with the CFC ladies for Happy Hour!

Here's another Quick Workout Log:

25 Wall Ball (elite weight 14#, I did 12/14#)
25 Ring Row
My time: 18:36 (?)

Then, squat jumps and squat holds to put the icing on Crystal's torture! :)

I hadn't done Ring Rows since Elements and they were hard! My evil brain kept telling me to take a step back and scale it more but I fought it! My arms are feeling those today...

Day 2 of Paleo buttt Happy Hour is tonight and I'm still debating whether to cheat or not. Yes, I'm only two days in and I'm a weeny for thinking of quitting now but it's pizza and beer, my favorites! I'll let you know if I'm starting over at Day 1 tomorrow.

See ya!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick Workout Log Post

75 power cleans
My time: 11:05

I did the first 10 at elite weight (65#). Finished the rest at 45#. I tried to do elite but I was doing something funky with my arms and couldn't quite do it right. Crystal said that I should get comfortable with 45# then I can move it up.

2 rounds:
30 Lunges w/ KB pass through
15 Knees to Elbows

Day 1 of Paleo

Starting again, let's see how long I can go without cheating!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

CFC Women's Challenge

Let's see if I can even attempt to describe the Women's Challenge in words...

Unfortunately, I was going into the Challenge after a weekend of partying in Florida. Oops, kind of dropped the ball on that one. I tried to stick to paleo foods while out of town but it was harder than I thought it would be. Oh well, done and over with and now I can look forward to what is to come!

On Friday, the 2 workouts were announced. I thought CFC was going to post them online in the morning so I kept a browser up at work, continually refreshing it throughout the day (not like I don't have it up already :). But the workouts were released in person when we went to pick up our shirts (which I love!). Here's what we found:
8:00 am
2 mile trail run broken up into three obstacles of
1. 150 burpees
2. 200 KB swings
3. 200 med ball passes

10:00 am
The Chipper
75 barbell power snatch (45#)
200 box jumps
175 ab mat sit ups
100 pull ups
125 duo dead lifts @ 95#s
150 jumping ring dips
100 duo shoulder press (55#)
Run 400


Here's how it went down:

I had a crazy nightmare last night about oversleeping and missing the trail run. I popped out of bed at 6 am thinking that it's 10 am and I've let me team down, missed everything. Turns out that I had left my phone on vibrate so it's good I had that nightmare to wake me up and get me going! Maybe my subconscious comes in handy...

The Shoal Creek area was a little tricky to find. Cara wanted Team Guns there at 7:00 to talk strategy but after getting turned around a few times I think I got there around 7:20ish. Austin decided to throw us a fast one this weekend with a torrential downpour that never quite stopped. Rain?!?! The weather was definitely a surprise! But I almost preferred it to the heat we're used to.

Cara and Maria started with the burpees. I effing hate burpees and used the time to psyche myself up. The plan was for each of us to do 50 but I think my teammates did much more than I could. Burpees are on my 'To Work On' List! Then, we were off running to the next station of KB swings. I got there first and started swinging:

Keeping our footing on the trail run was the hardest part but Team Guns was all smiles as we raced for the finish line:

We had about an hour between workouts. Cara went to a laundromat, Maria went home and I went to Andrew's to throw all my wet, stinky clothes in the dryer. I even had time for a quick shower (mainly to warm up) before I headed back to Central. I brought some extra Spark aka Crack for the teammates and before we knew it we were off on The Chipper!

The hardest part of the Chipper were definitely the duo movements because you had to stay in sync with your partner. I think that we could have gone heavier on the deadlift and the push press but it would have been challenging.

I am most proud of the preserverance Cara showed throughout the Challenge. She doesn't like running as much as Maria and I do but for every leg of the race she pushed through! That's Stubborn Determination!

When's the next Challenge??