Thursday, May 13, 2010

In a Relationship with: Mr. Snatch

Mr. Snatch and I have a relationship comparable to those of high school sweethearts. When we first met, the bond between us was filled with awkward hand holding, googly eyes, giggles and flirty fun. Life was good and we were naive enough to not know what was coming next.

Then we went off to college together and our relationship changed. Our friends thought we were crazy as we would bicker and lash out at each other. There was more fighting, miscommunication and I may have cheated on him with Mr. Clean and Mr. Deadlift. Instead of all the fun and games we had before, we tried to be more serious with each other despite keggers and late nights. It didn't work though, and we broke up after our 13243th fight over the Hook Grip. Mr. Snatch rubbed my thumbs raw and I couldn't take it anymore.

We went our separate ways for awhile. Mr. Snatch played the field meeting some great people at Oly Lifting meets and I dated Mr. Running, Mr. Pull ups, and Mr. Box Jumps. But we came to realize that although we had our differences, life was better together than apart. Nothing can replace the feeling of the slow pull off the ground and fast drive underneath the bar. Mr. Deadlift might be disappointed but Mr. Snatch gives me butterflies!