Friday, May 21, 2010

Hang snatches and "Elizabeth"

This week's workouts have been hard. They're always hard but this week threw me off a little bit. I'm being drilled with technique progressions 2x/week at SicFit which is great and Tuesday and Thursday I got to put the technique to the test in CrossFit wods.

On Tuesday, I got a little ahead of myself. The workout written on the whiteboard was:
hang snatch (65#)
I loaded up 65#, didn't test the weight, and 3, 2, 1, Go! Rep 1 got to about my nose, shook it out, rep 2 got to my eyebrow height (oh shoot!), and rep 3 had Zach coming over to me saying the weight was too heavy. I finished the rest of the workout at 45#. I need to start finding the time to test the weight before time has started because I continuously load up too heavy of weight and can't do it. After the workout I was frustrated because I really thought I should (What does "should" even mean in this case?) have been able to do the prescribed weight. I sent emails off to Karen (My oly lifting partner in crime) and Zach and then a very timely post was written on CrossFit Watertown's blog.

"Some days, we will be better. Some days, we will suck. That’s life. Just work hard and get the **** over it."

At work, I printed out this post and put it on my bulletin board. It's a great daily reminder to shake things off and go forward. Tuesday's workout is done- I tried, I failed, and I did the best that I could do at the time.

Then on to Thursday's workout:
squat cleans (95#)
ring dips

There's nothing quite like the feeling of being one of Crystal's 6:45 girls. We're all close friends, the best supporters and we're there to hit that workout hard. Sure, it's a women's class and we giggle and gossip but once our bars are loaded up, the sweat starts dripping and that workout gets DONE. I've watched these girls struggle and succeed, crush and disappoint and in the end, always come out on top. Chris goes hard and heavy EVERY time, she's stronger than people think and I love it when she outlifts me on Totals. Annie is small in size but one hell of a CrossFitter, she's going to make it to the top. Myriam, I've been working out with since the beginning and is the fastest person I know. That's my CrossFit love of the day.

Back to the workout- oh, squat cleans, what am I to do with you? Similar to Tuesday, I loaded up the prescribed 95#, did 3 reps and failed (I need a new word for failure). But this time, I wasn't disappointed in myself. It was more of a curious, "Hm, what's going on here?" moment rather than an "Oh shit, I suck" kind of deal. I learned from Tuesday's wod to put things into perspective. I had great coaches all around, my favorite girls for support, I was trying my best and it was FUN.

I ended up doing all kinds of different weights for "Elizabeth", going from 95 to 85 to 75 to 85 to 65 to 85. Pretty much a mess but I was working on it, trying to find the blend of fast elbows, catching the bar, tight core, and squat depth. A goal is set for September 1 to do this workout as prescribed. Maybe I'll even video it for my viewing pleasure!

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  1. Indeed, last night's WOD with all it's good energy, laughter, hard work and LOTS OF SWEAT, will be hard to duplicate again. It's not often, we all get together for a burner.

    I caught your roller coaster of weight as I trudged through my reps (especially that one that I almost ran into)...BUT I also did see that when you got the clean, your squat depth ROCKED HARD. You can help me get it from the ground and I can help you with quick elbows!