Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Money money money

Last night I was talking to Annie Bug-a-lug and money came up. Sometimes I have to give up certain things in order for budgeting to come out on the plus side. Crossfit + grass fed meat + organic vegetables = the big bucks. I'm not trying to be negative about this; I'm on board with paying the money to be healthy now rather than on antibiotics and medicine when I'm older. But it's true that this is an expensive lifestyle that I have to justify to people who don't eat real food or lead active lifestyles. Some would ask, "Well, why do you need to explain it to them?" When I get into conversations with people I care about about eating paleo or doing CrossFit it's because I'd love for them to join this crazy "cult" of ours too. It's life changing and it worked for me and I always think it could solve so many of their problems too. Like the woman I always hear cough on the bus on the way to work- if I could somehow slip an "Eat Real Food" flyer into her purse, it might be life changing for her too! That's a stretch, or maybe I'm just a fixer upper!

The Whole9 Life wrote a great article about how to summarize eating real food into a "Paleo Pitch". It's basically a short, to the point explanation of why we eat the way we do. I'm looking to come up with a great explanation of why I pay what I do. Because right alongside that conversation of a Paleo Pitch, or a CrossFit Pitch, is the "how much does it cost?" question. It's crazy to think that the money most young adults are putting towards shopping, alcohol and/or going out at night, I budget it to go towards Crossfit classes and food.

I read an article awhile back that said you could know what a person is like by looking at their bank account statements. Mine lists majority of purchases from restaurants, Sprouts/HEB/Whole Foods grocery stores, CrossFit Central, Advocare, among others. What does yours list?


  1. Yep....Mine would be similar; HEB, WF, 24 hr gym and vit shop:)OH and Sephora!