Monday, February 7, 2011

Functional Fitness

Lately I've found that I am more able to move heavy (or what's heavy to me...) weights for more reps during workouts, yet my 1 rep max numbers aren't jumping as quickly as they've done in the past. I find this interesting for two reasons:
1. If you think of this in real life scenarios, I'd so much rather be able to carry/drag/lift something over a long period of time, instead of only being able to do it once. Because when the zombies come, and cars don't work anymore, we're going to have to be doing some inventive things!
2. Maxing sucks.

On another note, the weekend warrior workouts this weekend were rough! I actually ripped my hand, which I hadn't done in almost six months. I guess 160+ pull ups will do that to me.

Here's Saturday morning's Defiant wod:
Teams of 4 (we had three girls and one guy)
40 squat clean buy in (95/135#)
100 pull ups
25 clean and jerks (95/135#)
100 wall ball (14/20#)
25 C & J
100 box jumps
25 C & J
40 thrusters (75/95#)
It was a great workout, even though I felt like I had to vomit almost the whole time- sign of a good wod :) The hardest part about team workouts is the rep count, keeping track of who is doing what, and not stopping to figure it out. When we get lost, I'd rather just throw out a number and go with it instead of getting all jumbled. But that may be cheating...

I wanted to stay for Defiant's free workout after that but Dane's Body Shop was hosting a Jack LaLanne celebratory workout:
1,000 pull ups
1,000 star jumps
So this dude did it all on his own in about an hour and a half, with crazy blisters and rips afterward. But we did it in a team of six, where each of us did around 160 reps of each. It was fun, and all of us had a great time with star jumps, and not so much with pull ups, finishing everywhere between 15-30 minutes. I really enjoyed hanging with the crew at Daily Juice afterward, where Aaron read us some Jack quotes like this one:
"Warming up is the biggest bunch of horseshit I've ever heard in my life. Fifteen minutes to warm up! Does a lion warm up when he's hungry? 'Uh-oh, here comes an antelope. Better warm up.' No! He just goes out and eats the sucker. You gotta get the blood circulating, but shit, does the lion cool down? No, he eats the sucker and goes to sleep. And that," he concluded, folding his arms into a variation of the pose, "is the truth."

He sounds like quite the cool cat. Thanks for making me do 16o pull ups on Saturday, Jack!