Sunday, October 25, 2009

"I am going to rip it up"

This is absolutely hilarious!

Friday, October 23, 2009

"Annie, are you ok?"

21-15-9 reps
(there's supposed to be a row but we didn't do it)
med ball cleans 20#
wall ball 14#
DB thrusters 25#

I did elite weight on everything but I didn't finish. Whoever Annie is, I'd love to ask her if she was ok at the end of this WOD because I definitely wasn't! The burpees were ROUGH. I need to put a lot of work into them because I feel like a flopping, dying fish when I do them. You'd think because I've been training so much lately for the half that my cardio threshold would help out with burpees but I haven't seen that much of a difference.

The good news is that the 25# DB thrusters felt awesome! Jen did come over to me once and had to remind me to stay in control of the weight or else I would need to go get the 20 pounders but I concentrated more and was able to gain control. I guess I get into the mood of just flying around with dumbbells and instead of keeping my core and entire body tight during the reps, I get distracted. Whoops!

The bad news is that the bottom part of my right leg is super tight and I'm really worried about it. Rogue has a 14 mile run tomorrow and I think I'm injured???!!! It's been hurting since Wednesday when first I thought I was just sore but now it's nagging. Since I still haven't bought a foam roller, I looked up and down the apartment for something to roll out on last night and found a plastic cup. Resourceful! Last night while watching Grey's (it was AWESOME!) I rolled out on that for at least 30 minutes. Pretty painful stuff. It made me realize I should really vaccuum this weekend. :) But once I get home from work I'll probably jump on that cup again. I've heard you can roll out on anything round - rolling pin, tennis ball, etc.

I almost hugged a woman in the 6:00 class who told me that she can see how John's challenge is working on me! It was definitely great motivation to get through these next 2 weeks!

I have a new goal that I want to accomplish my the end of the challenge. I'd love if I could have the fastest time for one of the women's WODs so my name will be on the CFW twitter page! It's kind of vain and not the best goal because it's based on how other people do too but it'd be another CF accomplishment!


Thursday, October 22, 2009


Thirty minutes ago the One American Center had a fire drill. In the past, our floor warden has always warned me a couple of days in advance to bring a change of shoes because she knows I like to wear heels to work and walking down 19 floors during a fire drill in heels can be awkward. This week, I didn't have any notice and was definitely wearing my highest black heels. When I first heard the alarms going off I thought it was real deal because I hadn't heard that there would be a drill. But when I asked Christy (floor warden) if she knew, she was like "What do you think?"

Turns out that she had warned everyone else about the drill except for Aaron and I. Those that knew, went downstairs early with the elevator and did not have to walk down the 19 flights of stairs.

I work with a lot of people that are not active. There are constant swoops of baked goods, sodas, and candy throughout the office. I'm not upset today because I had to walk down stairs (well, maybe a little). I'm upset because these people don't make conscious efforts to make themselves healthier. They take the elevator during a fire drill. They critique me when I don't eat a slice of cake with them. Someone (who didn't partake in the fire drill) even had the audacity to make fun of a girl wearing a short dress today. Don't complain about the way you look if you're not going to do anything about it!

It's frustrating because I know CrossFit works. I know that Paleo/Zone works. When I talk about it though I always get responses like "That's too hard" or "I can't do that". It is hard. And it takes time. But I've made the choice to do it and it's working. How do I get through to them??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halfway Through!

Today marks the halfway point through John's 30 Day Challenge. The past two and a half weeks have been filled with sore muscles, comments about what I've been eating, ZERO alcohol, lots of "I can't do this" thoughts and a bunch of "I did it!"s

Tuesday's WOD was 4 minutes on, 1 minute off of:
3 DB squat cleans (30#)
5 r/l DB snatches (30#)
7 calorie row

I couldn't even do a single snatch before the workout. But on 3, 2, 1 GO I either had to struggle through or figure out a way to make it work. I don't think I had ever done dumbbell snatches before, nevertheless with 30 pounds! In the beginning I couldn't extend my arm at the top and was using my free arm to push up the weight. It must have looked (and felt!) horrible and I was letting the weight twirl me around without much control. John finally said, "Make it feel like you're throwing the DB in the sky" before I finally got it. Looking back, I'm really happy that he made me stick with the 30 pounders even though I couldn't do it in the beginning. I would have felt like a failure if I had to lower the weight.

My pants are definitely looser but probably haven't dropped an entire size yet. I still have about two weeks to go until the Challenge is over. We're supposed to turn in our scales to John but I feel weird bringing it into the gym. Oh well, no one is really there at 5:30 am. Nutrition has been going okay. The comments I get from co-workers about what I'm bringing for lunches tend to annoy me but I'm trying to ignore them. I wish I could just live in a CrossFit Central bubble surrounded by everyone who has the same lifestyle as me! There are too many other distractions out there - pumpkin pie, McDonald's Frostys, chips and salsa, Shiner! Ugh, ok I'm stopping.

Crystal's class is definitely my happy place after T/Th mornings. I love the girls and everyone does such a good job motivating each other. It's fun! Jess, Linds and I battle through the WODs on T/Th but I wouldn't quite call it fun... Jess just called us her "pillars of strength" which I definitely agree with. I wouldn't be able to survive without their support!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bruises and rips, oh my!

I am Week 2, Day 1 into John's 30 Day Challenge. My body feels similar to how it did when I first started CrossFit back in January. Sore!! But this time around my muscles have a baseline so it's now more of my body taking a beating. Last Monday we did a WOD of AMRAP that included rotations of 15 pullups, among other things. I've slowly decreased the width of my rubber band so now I fluctuate between the smallest one and the second smallest width sizes. I really really really want to do a kipping pull up on my own! Monday I forced myself to do the skinniest band because I thought reps of 15 wouldn't be too bad. Little did I know how much damage pullups can do to your hands! I should have taken a picture of them at their worst to post an infamous ripped hands pic but I forgot to. Now, I have John wanting us to work on our kipping pullups and I can still hardly grip the bar, a week and a half later.

The WOD this morning:
10-> 1
DB thrusters 30#
100ish M sprint

I've never used 30# for thrusters before. When I first tempted to start doing elite weight in workouts I think I was switching between 20s and 25s but I should have known 30s would be in my future (and they should have been 35s this morning!). John says that the point of his workout for us isn't to "mess us up" but to learn "to endure the hard work and suffering." Gah, it's still SO hard to get to the next level once you're comfortable with a certain weight. But CrossFit is all about being uncomfortable! That's for sure...

My parents left today! They set me up in the apartment with a whole bunch of furniture and kitchen supplies. Paleo party at my place soon!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A post of a first!

I did my first double under this morning! And not only did I do one, but I did nine in a row during one round! The WOD looked like this:

Double unders
Ab mat sit ups

We weren't allowed to replace the double unders for singles. In the past we've always doubled the numbers and done them as singles but Jen said this morning that we couldn't! At first this was a huge problem because I don't think any of us had actually accomplished a real double under but attempts counted for this workout. My ankles are all whipped up as a result of my attempts! In an effort to get 50 in that first round I was bound to do at least one and by the end I kind of got the hang of them. I'll get my jump rope out later and test to see how many more I can do in a row!

I've got a body comp with John on Sunday to kick off my 30 Day Challenge with him. We'll talk more about goals and what I want to accomplish in 30 days and 60 days. So far I've sent him a run down that looks like this:

30 Day Goals:
Run a 5k in under 30 min
1 kipping pull up
10 push ups on toes
Lose 1% body fat

60 Day Goals:
10 kipping pull ups
20 push ups on toes
Lose 2% body fat

I may have lowballed my goal for losing body fat but I don't know how quickly it will go away. Other than losing inches, I haven't lost a percentage since the Spartan Challenge. At least, I don't think so but I'll know more after Sunday.

Lindsay drafted a letter to send out to our friends and family about our crazy month of October. John sounded really strict about nutrition so we don't want to get in trouble with him, or let ourselves down by caving in to all the crack that's out there. We figured that if we tried to let our friends know about what we're doing they'll be less eager to tempt us with alcohol and deserts. I know I'll still get a bunch of questions as to why I'm doing this but I'm ready! Jess is going with the "I'm pregnant" excuse lol

Here's the letter:
Friends and Family!

We 3 have decided to embark on a CrossFit 30 day challenge starting Tuesday, October, 6th and ending on Thursday, November 5th. During these 30 days we will be eating a paleo/zone diet (no processed foods) and completing 4 crossfit work outs a week. We will take our body compositions and complete a bench mark work out on Tuesday 10/6, then do them again on 11/5 to check out our progress.

Why do you care? Because we need your support! We will need you to help us meet these goals by pushing us when we want to quit, and being understanding when we can't take you up on that cocktail or chocolate cake :)

We'll keep you updated with our progress! Thanks and love to all of you!


Lindsay, Jess, and Lory