Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Bank

Lately, I've been loving the metaphor that life is bank. Just like a monetary bank with it's deposits and withdrawls, life's bank has experiences that cash in on savings. I can apply this to anything- relationships, family, career, nutrition, workouts, all of them become banks. For example, when I go out to events by myself, I bank on the credit of my independence. Or, when I cupcake (Aaron's term from Aaron's Agoge) on workouts, I'm making a cash withdrawal from my account.

Having that bank helps me put life into perspective. I'm not going to have 365 days in a year of perfect workouts. No one is. Yet all of us have an account to stock pile good days and bad, or credits and debits.

Sunday Tribe did:
21 OHS (65#)
42 pull ups
15 OHS
30 pull ups
18 pull ups
My time: 12:47

I'm going to feel that one in my lats tomorrow.

We also pulled the workouts we're going to do for our endurance October workout. It's "6 in 6"- 6 benchmark workouts in 6 hours! In teams of 2 we'll do:

I'm excited!