Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I just want to play!

Fight Gone Bad was an awesome event! It was so cool to feel a part of a movement bigger than just one box- but the whole crossfit community! To know that crossfitters worldwide were all doing the same workout on the same day for great causes was an awesome feeling. The day after FGB, a bunch of Defiant athletes and I used our muscles to help two elderly ladies move out of their home. Coach Delanie described Sunday perfectly as, "In a few months you'll probably forget your FGB score from yesterday but Donna will remember this day forever!" It was a great weekend!

Going forward from FGB, I've just been playing and it's fun! The Tribe got together and made sandbags out of inner tubes with sand and pea gravel. I've been learning how to swing mine and it's in a great oval shape to rest around my neck. Now it just needs some flair, I'm thinking of breaking out some spray paint and glitter! :) All of us have really gotten strong this summer battling through the Texas heat so adding 30 lb sandbags to our workouts isn't hard at all. But I'm definitely happy to not be in the heat any longer.

On Monday at Defiant we did overhead squats, push presses and clean and jerks. We worked up to a 3 rep max of OHS and push press. The week before, I had PR'ed doing a 1 rep max 100# OHS and Monday I was able to do 3 reps of that! I was definitely feeding off the energy of our awesome class, plus I love overhead squats. After class, we played around on the rings and pull up bars. I got great advice from Jonathan about muscle ups and Jess K was helping me with butterfly pull ups. Then all of us started talking about rope climbs and found that no one had done one before so Heather pulled down the rope and taught us! Super cool, and again, just fun to play around on things I don't normally do.

Tonight the sledge hammer was a part of our workout at Sicfit and I had never used one of those either! Zach reviewed the movement and Alexis and I had trouble being really aggressive with it. Maybe if I was dressed in boots and a flannel shirt I could have done it better. I was trying to visualize being in the woods and cutting down trees butttt I was on Burnet Road with cars zooming by probably wondering why in the world I was hitting a hammer against a tire. Then we worked up to a 1 rep max snatch. Felt good, I've been doing the mobility wods because my hips have felt super tight from sitting all day at work and I think I've worked out some of the kinks in them. Great stuff!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prepping for FGB

The Tribe has been preparing for FGB by doing "Thrash" (a variation of movements in FGB structure), doing FGB but subbing rowing for burpees last Sunday, and this Saturday heading up to Defiant Crossfit's free workout which is... you guessed it, FGB! All this prep will pay off, especially since Bonita and I got crossfit drunk on Sunday and used a 65# bar for everything when women's RX is 55#. Whoopsie.

Tonight I jumped back into Zach's Oly Lifting class at Sicfit Austin and we did:

KB warm up

Met con:
3 rounds:
10/10 KB OHS
20 Games standard push ups
30 box jumps
Zach said sub 15 min, I finished in 13 something, Taylor finished just under 10. This smoked me! I had trouble with all three movements- getting the right depth/flexibility on the overhead squat, holding a strong plank for the push ups, and bouncing lightly on the box! Gah, hard stuff.

3-3-2-2-1-1 Overhead squat
Woot! I'm in the triple digits for OHS! Next up, body weight! ha ha
3x3 Split Jerk
Stayed with 65#, worked technique- need to get my back leg further back and keep weight disbursed evenly, too much weight in front.

Felt good overall. Check out these links:
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