Thursday, October 1, 2009

A post of a first!

I did my first double under this morning! And not only did I do one, but I did nine in a row during one round! The WOD looked like this:

Double unders
Ab mat sit ups

We weren't allowed to replace the double unders for singles. In the past we've always doubled the numbers and done them as singles but Jen said this morning that we couldn't! At first this was a huge problem because I don't think any of us had actually accomplished a real double under but attempts counted for this workout. My ankles are all whipped up as a result of my attempts! In an effort to get 50 in that first round I was bound to do at least one and by the end I kind of got the hang of them. I'll get my jump rope out later and test to see how many more I can do in a row!

I've got a body comp with John on Sunday to kick off my 30 Day Challenge with him. We'll talk more about goals and what I want to accomplish in 30 days and 60 days. So far I've sent him a run down that looks like this:

30 Day Goals:
Run a 5k in under 30 min
1 kipping pull up
10 push ups on toes
Lose 1% body fat

60 Day Goals:
10 kipping pull ups
20 push ups on toes
Lose 2% body fat

I may have lowballed my goal for losing body fat but I don't know how quickly it will go away. Other than losing inches, I haven't lost a percentage since the Spartan Challenge. At least, I don't think so but I'll know more after Sunday.

Lindsay drafted a letter to send out to our friends and family about our crazy month of October. John sounded really strict about nutrition so we don't want to get in trouble with him, or let ourselves down by caving in to all the crack that's out there. We figured that if we tried to let our friends know about what we're doing they'll be less eager to tempt us with alcohol and deserts. I know I'll still get a bunch of questions as to why I'm doing this but I'm ready! Jess is going with the "I'm pregnant" excuse lol

Here's the letter:
Friends and Family!

We 3 have decided to embark on a CrossFit 30 day challenge starting Tuesday, October, 6th and ending on Thursday, November 5th. During these 30 days we will be eating a paleo/zone diet (no processed foods) and completing 4 crossfit work outs a week. We will take our body compositions and complete a bench mark work out on Tuesday 10/6, then do them again on 11/5 to check out our progress.

Why do you care? Because we need your support! We will need you to help us meet these goals by pushing us when we want to quit, and being understanding when we can't take you up on that cocktail or chocolate cake :)

We'll keep you updated with our progress! Thanks and love to all of you!


Lindsay, Jess, and Lory

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  1. Woohoo!!! Yay for DUs! See, I told you they're fun when you get the hang of them! :) I love the feeling of getting them down for the 1st time. Congrats!