Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bruises and rips, oh my!

I am Week 2, Day 1 into John's 30 Day Challenge. My body feels similar to how it did when I first started CrossFit back in January. Sore!! But this time around my muscles have a baseline so it's now more of my body taking a beating. Last Monday we did a WOD of AMRAP that included rotations of 15 pullups, among other things. I've slowly decreased the width of my rubber band so now I fluctuate between the smallest one and the second smallest width sizes. I really really really want to do a kipping pull up on my own! Monday I forced myself to do the skinniest band because I thought reps of 15 wouldn't be too bad. Little did I know how much damage pullups can do to your hands! I should have taken a picture of them at their worst to post an infamous ripped hands pic but I forgot to. Now, I have John wanting us to work on our kipping pullups and I can still hardly grip the bar, a week and a half later.

The WOD this morning:
10-> 1
DB thrusters 30#
100ish M sprint

I've never used 30# for thrusters before. When I first tempted to start doing elite weight in workouts I think I was switching between 20s and 25s but I should have known 30s would be in my future (and they should have been 35s this morning!). John says that the point of his workout for us isn't to "mess us up" but to learn "to endure the hard work and suffering." Gah, it's still SO hard to get to the next level once you're comfortable with a certain weight. But CrossFit is all about being uncomfortable! That's for sure...

My parents left today! They set me up in the apartment with a whole bunch of furniture and kitchen supplies. Paleo party at my place soon!

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