Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Hour tonight!

I am counting down the minutes to leave work and meet with the CFC ladies for Happy Hour!

Here's another Quick Workout Log:

25 Wall Ball (elite weight 14#, I did 12/14#)
25 Ring Row
My time: 18:36 (?)

Then, squat jumps and squat holds to put the icing on Crystal's torture! :)

I hadn't done Ring Rows since Elements and they were hard! My evil brain kept telling me to take a step back and scale it more but I fought it! My arms are feeling those today...

Day 2 of Paleo buttt Happy Hour is tonight and I'm still debating whether to cheat or not. Yes, I'm only two days in and I'm a weeny for thinking of quitting now but it's pizza and beer, my favorites! I'll let you know if I'm starting over at Day 1 tomorrow.

See ya!

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