Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bunch of random thoughts

"Perhaps the best way to resist the donuts at work is to donate your change in the morning to a worthy cause"
The above is a link to a really cool article about how moral acts may increase physical endurance. Wow! I want to research more about studies done on this topic. We could even test this out by doing "Fran" one day then another day volunteering at a nursing home and doing "Fran" after and comparing times! I'm calling it "CrossFit Volunteers- Getting stronger through community service". Could be on to something there...

Love this image from Kantan Design's Etsy Store.

Are we eating junk food because it’s cheap? Or is it cheap because we demand it so much that there is more competition and economies of scale?

I want to make Outer Space Paleo Pancakes. So cool!

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  1. Random responses: I can totally see that good will would boost physical endurance. I mean, if a lot of it is mental, imagine being in this blissful state of mind!

    What came first? The chicken or the egg? That's what the cheap junk food question is. It's both.

    Outer Space Paleo we come! I need a griddle first.