Sunday, January 17, 2010

Team Zach

Zach is killing us with Sunday workouts. I thought last weeks was bad:
50 wall ball (14#)
50 box jump
400 m run
x 3

This week was just as rough:
50 air squat
25 pull ups
10 power cleans (E 95#, I did 75#)
x 3

Zach said that we should finish in about 15 minutes, ummm I got stuck on pull ups, AGAIN! Just like in the IAC, when I get fatigued to doing 1 pull up at a time, it takes foreverrrr. My hands are not pretty after all of those darn pull ups. I love them because I worked so hard to get off of the band but I hate them at the same time!

I'm not understand cleans these days. I know you're supposed to make the bar feel like it's floating up and then you get under the bar FAST but mine feel like an awkward blow to the chest/back arch. And my elbows aren't fast enough but I don't know how to go faster! Zach said I need to be a lot more aggressive with the weight. In my head, I'm thinking, "Be aggressive. Fast elbows!" But it doesn't always come out that way.

Other than my complaints about not being able to do the movements, I am absolutely loving Team Zach! Everyone is working so hard and we had a bunch of great food ideas this morning. I need to test out spaghetti squash and eat more vegetables! Grabbing protein is too easy for me - I need to make it into a meal. I also may or may not have a half eaten jar of Sunbutter that I need to get rid of! I don't trust myself with those delicious nut butters!


  1. Me either!!! And you did SO AWESOME today! :) You're my hero. I need to up my veggies and clean it up a little more. Week 2!

  2. Lory~

    You killed those cleans..way to go girl!