Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A post of a First

FIRST EVER WOD completed at Elite weight:

20 95# deadlifts
20 situps
20 jumping pull ups
400M Run
x 3

My time: 14:11

I told Crystal at the beginning of the Women's Challenge (it's coming up - I'm so excited!) that my two main goals were 1, get my body fat percentage down and 2, start doing elite weight in workouts. The first time I attempted elite weight was a WOD consisting of DB push presses and dang, I was looking at those dumb 25 pounders like they were a thing possessed.

Today's WOD was:
400M Run
500M Row
75 Wall Balls (Elite weight 14#)
x 2

Unfortunately (fortunately!!!) there was only one 14# ball for our use. I teamed up with Claire and Jessica switching between 6, 8 and 12 pound med balls. Boy, was I happy when the 6 pounder came to me! I should have worked on pull ups after the workout but my heart was beating out of my chest and I thought I was going to throw up - which, of course, is a normal reaction for me after one of Central's workouts. This Saturday there are a bunch of free events at various locations and I'm looking forward to bringing Aaron and Michelle to the Kettlebell workout at 9am. They're going to love it! Still debating if I should try to fit in Rogue's run beforehand at 7am but I think that depends on my car.

I have come to the conclusion that my car is possessed. For awhile, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, "It's okay, it's a '97" or "My Civic just needs some TLC". But no, it's definitely possessed. This past weekend I took it to the mechanic on N Lamar who is awesome! Salem's = Trustworthy. The Civic had been screeeeeching whenever I pressed on the brakes but when they checked it out they said everything looked great, brand new brake pads, nothing out of the ordinary. Clue #1. Drove out of there and it was driving more smoothly than it had in awhile. Then, this morning, I missed the bus so I walked back to my car and... nothing. No juice. Not even a peep.

Ten hours later, I'm done with work, have finished my workout and go out to fiddle with it in the parking lot. Before I even try anything, I flick the key and it's alive! Possession, I'm telling you. Somewhere underneath that hood is a little elf laughing at me.

Speaking of witchcraft, apparently Austinites have finally perfected the art of the rain dance because It. Is. Raining. Don't faint on me now. There is crazy lightning going on every few minutes and there is a legitimate storm rolling in. I'm enjoying an iced African Sunrise which of course did it's part in rolling in the rain. Africa = Water, right?! Maybe I should run home to get under the covers because this might be my one chance this year to fall asleep listening to the rain. Hmm, that's a good idea.

See ya!

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