Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bad Day

I had a bad day today. I'm dealing with some stressful things at work, I had a tearful phone conversation with my Mom, I haven't seen my parents that I'm close with in seven months, I'm questioning my goals and I'm questioning the future which all piles on top of me. I don't have these days or even this attitude often but it's still there.

I haven't been to class at Sicfit Austin in three weeks due to schedule conflicts and I debated not even going today. As I walked down Burnet Road to the gym I debated why I do this. Why can't I be like any other "normal" athlete and run Town Lake for my workout? Why can't I just live and not think about goals or the ever elusive muscle up (muscle up handstand push up?!) or paleo/zone or competing or affording Lululemon? I didn't have an answer.

But then I got to class. And for that hour I felt alive. I PR'ed my power clean, did one armed thrusters, one armed floor presses and prowler pushes, all which I had never done before. I got to cheer on teammates as we went through a twelve minute wod, heaving snatch balances and power cleans. I got positive feedback from a great coach about what to work on in the future.

And that future that I was stressing about all day long? It's still there, elusive as ever. But I got to leave the gym with a lighter heart, which is my answer to why I do this. I can throw all the numbers out the window because they don't matter. I'll be doing this for as long as it makes me feel better about myself.


  1. Bad days suck. But they will happen...and you'll be better /stronger for getting through them.

    This post brings me back to one that I wrote about the same. damn. thing. ie: you're not alone! Just because you admit to obsessing about all of these crazy Xfit things, doesn't mean everyone else isn't either. They totally are.

    Ps. You're not the only one that stresses over competing, muscle ups and Lululemon. And the newest thing...dead hangs. I think I pulled a neck muscle practicing last night. Seriously.

  2. yep, see your Mom, tearful conversations are important, lighter heart is good, in fact everything you have said here is good, great, alive!

  3. Hey Lory, it was great to see you Saturday at Defiant!

    And well done leaving your worries at the gym door. Sometimes that's tougher than you might think. Way get in the moment!

    I wonder if it's time for a new post about a good day?