Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prepping for FGB

The Tribe has been preparing for FGB by doing "Thrash" (a variation of movements in FGB structure), doing FGB but subbing rowing for burpees last Sunday, and this Saturday heading up to Defiant Crossfit's free workout which is... you guessed it, FGB! All this prep will pay off, especially since Bonita and I got crossfit drunk on Sunday and used a 65# bar for everything when women's RX is 55#. Whoopsie.

Tonight I jumped back into Zach's Oly Lifting class at Sicfit Austin and we did:

KB warm up

Met con:
3 rounds:
10/10 KB OHS
20 Games standard push ups
30 box jumps
Zach said sub 15 min, I finished in 13 something, Taylor finished just under 10. This smoked me! I had trouble with all three movements- getting the right depth/flexibility on the overhead squat, holding a strong plank for the push ups, and bouncing lightly on the box! Gah, hard stuff.

3-3-2-2-1-1 Overhead squat
Woot! I'm in the triple digits for OHS! Next up, body weight! ha ha
3x3 Split Jerk
Stayed with 65#, worked technique- need to get my back leg further back and keep weight disbursed evenly, too much weight in front.

Felt good overall. Check out these links:
Lauren Plumey's "Before" picture
Pull ups and Paleo - cool pictures
Deadlifts and Dresses


  1. Holla! You're in the hundo club for OHS! WOOT WOOT

  2. I'm with Annie, great job on the OHS!!!

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