Monday, November 16, 2009

Endings and new beginnings

As of November 15, the major challenges that I had been working on are over. I finished John's 30 Day Challenge and I completed San Antonio's Rock n Roll marathon! It's time to set some new goals and new challenges to face.

I am absolutely happy that all of the training runs for the half are done. Running and I have a love/hate relationship. Since I have gotten used to 15 minute crossfit workouts to go out and do a two hour training run seems like an eternity to me. I really want to learn more about the crossfit endurance program because anything that will cut down training time is a plus. Going into the half I was excited/nervous about the race but also thinking about if I wanted to do a full marathon one day. Now, after finshing the race and seeing the marathoners cross the finish line I think it would be absolutely insane to do a full. :) There was a tshirt at the expo center that said "Running is a mental sport and we're all insane!" Very funny! But there were just a few marathoners that had to be carried across the finish line and it looked so painful! Plus, I'm just in awe that some people were finishing the full by the time I was finishing the half! I love my medal and I love that it's over so I'll just keep thinking about if I would want to do a full. My knees are yelling "no way!" right now but they'll recover! They've got to get me through this wod today:
20 med ball clean (any weight), 5 burpee X 4

A new challenge is the bet Andrew and I made two Sundays ago. Since I continually try to beat him at running, we're racing each other at the Turkey Trot. I'm hoping for an advantage since it's 5 miles rather than a 5k because he's not as used to the long distances as I am. But, I swear, he has iron lungs or something because he never gets winded and he doesn't do nearly as much physical activity as I do and he can still run faster! One day I'll beat him!

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